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Hest Bank

The Church and Church Hall are shared with the St Luke' Anglican Church. This enables a combined Christian witness to the village of Slyne-with-Hest.

Shady Lane, Slyne-with-Hest, Lancaster. LA2 6JD

Change of Venue

The venue for Shining Stars, Agape and Body and Soul is now the Memorial Hall.

Our Food Collection.

We continue to collect food for our food bank each Thursday morning, but we no longer take it to the Balmoral children's centre. Sadly the centre closed in March due to council cutbacks. The services were transferred to the Westgate children's centre where we now take our full collection. This is a bigger centre and appears very busy, serving the needs of a wider area. The food is distributed by those who work at the centre and is given to families with real need, so please continue to support this. If you are not able to come down to church on Thursday morning, but would like to contribute, please just leave the items in the vestry on Sunday morning, or whenever you happen to be there. Many Thanks Val Gill

Asylum Seeker's visit

On 15th July, asylum seekers from Levenshulme In Manchester will arrive at Silverdale, at theSilver Sapling field. Once morel we shall provide them with lunch, friendship, support, games and hopefully, a pleasant day outfor them. Everyone is welcome, helpers are always needed, or you could just sit and chat to this group of friendly, needy people.

When we went to Levenshulme on May 7th, We were very moved by the WA ST choir (Women's Asylum Seekers Together), and a couple of the members who had been on the trip last year said how much they look forward to coming again. They are living difficult lives, with very little money, and so many restrictions on how they live, If you have any time to spare and would like to help on the 15th July, please contact one of the UIC elders.

Visit to Levershume, Manchester

On Sunday some of the church congregation went to Levenshulme in Manchester to meet our friends that we had met in Silverdale the summer before.

When we arrived, we received a warm friendly welcome, they showed us a place to put our bags and gave us some refreshments, then they called us into the Inspire Café, which is also where they have their worship,The worship was much much different to ours. There was a band, no hymn books, and a lot more younger people.

During one of the hymns I went with all the children to Sunday School where we made the kebabs and biscuits. I also met some friends called Luke and Kamran who I remember from Silverdale.

After worship, it was dinner time. Some of the people made the café back into a café, while the congregation went into a room and got ourselves some curry which was made by the mosque across the road.

Then some asylum seekers came and sang us some songs which by the way were amazing. Then sadley we had to leave to return to grey and old Lancaster but I think everybody who went enjoyed it. By Callum Bennett [age 10]

Ged Hearsey

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Ged, who passed away on May 15th. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ann and her family, and we hope they will find comfort in remembering the good things of Ged's life.

Ged was a lovely man, and a faithful member of the URC, serving as an elder until he died. He had the knack of spotting jobs needing doing and quietly getting on with them without any fuss. We are only just realising all the things he used to do, from putting out the church bins, to making sure the "Commitment for Life" candle was lit before Sunday worship, and many other things beside.

God bless, Ged, we shall all miss you.


On Sunday 4th June we shall be celebrating Pentecost together with our sister churches from Halton and Bolton-le-Sands at Bolton-le-Sands church. The service, which starts at 10.30am, will be taken by Rev. David Greenwood and followed by a Jacob's join lunch.


There will be no Body and Soul on the 1st or 8th of June but we will return to the Memorial Hall on Thursday 15th June at 2.00pm.
Please note that the Agape lunch is also on that date because of voting in the Memorial Hall on June 8th.

On a Practical Note....

During the inter-regnum the Rev. David Greenwood will be our pastoral link person. If anyone needs to contact a minister, talk to the church secretary or one of the elders, who can put you in touch.

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